“MEND is one of the best formulated products on the market.”

Josh Hingst, Head of Strength & Conditioning, Philadelphia Eagles


Tissue recovery from repetitive stress of exercise & sports. Recover fully, build tissue, prevent injury.

Support tissue healing from trauma caused by injury or surgery. Boost your body’s natural ability to heal.

Combat aging-related muscle loss and frailty.  Build and sustain muscle for healthy living & vitality.

MEND Cosmetic is a medical dietary supplement with an evidence based proprietary formulation of nutrients designed to support healing following surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures.


News, articles and other resources to help you learn more about MEND and the role of nutrition in supporting healing.

Delicious Longevity

A delicious recipe recommended by Dr. Buford. It is absolutely delicious and packed with micro and macro nutrients. We call it Delicious Longevity....

Cosmetic Recipe

We will continue to post delicious recipes that will enhance your enjoyment of MEND, the absorption nutrients and the benefits. The below recipe takes a minute to make and it is packed with micro and macro nutrients to boost your healing and health. Place 1......

4 Reasons Why Good Nutrition is Critical to Recovering After Surgery

Dr. Amy Osmond has written an excellent article on why nutrition is so critical to surgery recovery: A better understanding of the physical strain of surgery reinforces the need for training before surgery occurs. Here are four reasons why preparing your body for surgery is......

Leading Surgeon Dr. Gregory Buford Announced as Newest MEND Partner

Very pleased to announce that nationally acclaimed cosmetic surgeon Dr. Gregory Buford has incorporated MEND Cosmetic into his post surgery recovery protocol.  Since 2014, Dr. Buford has been honored yearly as a Doctors’ Choice Awards City Winner award. For 2016, he was chosen out of......

Patient Case Study

We will continue to case studies from our physician partners and the results we are seeing: A 61 year old healthy, fit female who presented with a very low 86.6 lbs. of muscle mass along with 29% body fat. After four months following protocol using......