“MEND is one of the best formulated products on the market.”

Josh Hingst, Head of Strength & Conditioning, Philadelphia Eagles



Tissue recovery from repetitive stress of exercise & sports. Recover fully, build tissue, prevent injury.

Support tissue healing from trauma caused by injury or surgery. Boost your body’s natural ability to heal.

Combat aging-related muscle loss and frailty.  Build and sustain muscle for healthy living & vitality.

MEND Cosmetic is a medical dietary supplement with an evidence based proprietary formulation of nutrients designed to support healing following surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures.


News, articles and other resources to help you learn more about MEND and the role of nutrition in supporting healing.

Patient Case Study

We will continue to case studies from our physician partners and the results we are seeing: A 61 year old healthy, fit female who presented with a very low 86.6 lbs. of muscle mass along with 29% body fat. After four months following protocol using......

Westlake Dermatology Announced As Newest MEND Medical Partner

We are very pleased to announce that we have partnered with leading Texas based dermatology and cosmetic surgery practice Westlake Dermatology to bring MEND Cosmetic functional nutrition to their patients. The national leader in dermatology that is sought after for minimally invasive cosmetic procedures has......

Minimize Bruising and Scarring After Surgery

We spoke to numerous patients who are about to undergo cosmetic surgery and one of the principle concerns we heard repeatedly was their desire to minimize bruising and scarring. While there are no substitutes for a well planned and executed procedure by a highly experienced......

Thank-You Athletes!

Many thanks to the athletes who continue to adopt MEND as their primary functional nutrition product. Very grateful for the growing global following from the most demanding customers in medicine and sports....